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Our Vision and Values

The children in our schools are the future.  Every child has the right to an appropriate and engaging curriculum, delivered by motivated and skilled professionals.


We make a difference because it matters and we care.


We make decisions based on a detailed knowledge of what is happening for our children, in our classrooms, in our communities.


  • We carry out school improvement work driven by enquiry, research and innovation
  • We are outward looking and invite external moderation for our judgements
  • We share our expertise to develop a creative and engaging curriculum
  • We develop high quality learning environments within each unique school


We are honest with each other.


  • We treat each other with respect and take responsibility for our actions
  • We are open to both giving and receiving constructive challenge
  • We trust that difficult conversations are for the good of the children
  • We prioritise resources according to where need is greatest to benefit all children


We are absolutely focused on learning for all.


  • We hold a shared understanding of high quality learning and behaviours for learning
  • We are committed to growing, developing and building upon talent from within
  • We invest in our staff as we believe that children will thrive if our staff grow and develop
  • We value high quality collaborative continuing professional development to build on expertise from within and beyond
  • We reflect on what we have learnt and how this can make a difference


We are relentless in our drive to be the best that we can be.

Learning together, stronger together