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Strategic Business Plan

We are delighted to be prefacing the Business Plan for Connect Academy Trust. The ethos of the Trust is both collaborative and inclusive. We have an overarching set of core values to which everyone subscribes but each individual school has a distinctive culture and identity and a voice in the direction and decision making of the Trust through the open and transparent governance structure.


Learning is at the heart of our vision. We expect all members of the Trust community to be learners and to support each other in learning. The professional dialogue between staff and learning dialogue with pupils and parents challenges us to review and rethink in order to improve. Financial decisions are made in order to facilitate our drive for excellence.


The school development process has been designed to ensure that schools are supported and challenged to create learning organisations which strive for the best outcomes for all pupils. Although a business, the core function of the Trust is to improve the education and futures of the children in our Trust. As such we ‘make no bones’ that the focus for everything that the Trust undertakes is to support the learning and progress of the children in our schools.


A summary of our updated Business Plan will be posted here soon.

Learning together, stronger together