Manadon Vale Primary School

Our school and its community are a family that children, parents and carers will always be a part of – a caring, inclusive and supportive team.

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“The Trust and its schools are connected. It is a collaborative way of working whilst schools still have lots of autonomy.”

Hayley Gilbride


Some of Manadon Vale Primary School's highlights

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We create a caring, inclusive and supportive environment for pupils

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Fabulous grounds for play, taking part in forest school and supporting core learning in a real world context

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A strong focus on the rights pupils can expect, and also their responsibilities to others

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Great extra-curricular activities, including a wide range of sports, enriching trips and science club

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An aim to be collaborative, resilient, curious, reflective and to promote healthy bodies and minds
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Manadon Vale Primary School is a very special place, where we aim to provide a happy, caring, safe, friendly, challenging and inspirational environment. We are a large primary school full of active learners, with a family ethos where the children are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that every child can do amazing things and it’s our job to help make this potential a reality. It is also our duty to ensure that Manadon Vale provides an outstanding education so that every child has the freedom to choose their own future. To achieve this, teamwork, communication and high expectations are essential.

Mrs Hayley Gilbride


Connect Head Teacher

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