Preston Primary School

We are an outstanding coastal school providing an innovative curriculum and the positive values needed to help our children flourish.

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"Our boy started school at Preston this year and what can I say, the school is fantastic! As our first child going to school we were naturally a little anxious but everyone at the school has made us and our son feel so welcome! I would highly recommend."

Thomas Wills


Some of Preston Primary School's highlights

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A focus on teamwork-based activities, encouraging sharing, connection and communication

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Maximising outdoor learning with our woodland camp, swimming pool and growing area

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An amazing coastal location, allowing us to walk to the beach for real-world learning

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Our ‘Ready for Work’ initiative provides digital awareness and vital workplace skills for the future

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Using the ‘Learning Enquiries’ model to enthuse pupils and give them a reason to learn
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I am incredibly proud to be at the helm during a period of sustained school improvement and inspiring teamwork here at Preston.

I have witnessed a team of professionals craft an exciting curriculum for all children that delivers high outcomes and much more. The work we collectively pursue on School Values is important to us, because as well as academic outcomes we strive to help all pupils evolve into citizens we can all be proud of.

We have high expectations and that relentless pursuit of school improvement for all, has helped transform Preston over the last few years.

Mr Scott Ord


Connect Head Teacher

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