The Connect Effect!

Making a positive impact

By working together and supporting one another, good things happen for everyone involved with our family of schools – from children and staff to partner organisations and our wider community.

Pupils sharing laptop
Connect Head Teacher

Our pioneering learning programme brings our pupils' learning to life.

The curriculum helps them engage with their natural world and to link up with the organisations that work to understand and protect our marine environment.

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“The Trust and its schools are connected. It is a collaborative way of working whilst schools still have lots of autonomy.”

Hayley Gilbride


"We want the best for everyone who works in Connect Academy Trust. For our children to thrive, our staff need to feel confident, valued and encouraged in their roles. To that end, the Trust is committed to developing a professional learning community, where everyone has the right to be nurtured. We also want the best people to be working in Trust, so we develop talent and strength from within, whilst also being keen to bring in outstanding people from outside the Trust."

Sarah Ryder

School Improvement Lead at Connect

“We exist as a Trust to give children a better start in life, support all of our staff and schools to develop and teach children about caring for others and our fragile world.”

Stuart Bellworthy


"There's a supportive and caring atmosphere. Senior leaders are aware of staff and pupil wellbeing and always consider ways this can be improved. I feel listened to."

Debbie Baker

Assistant Headteacher

“The learning is absolutely fantastic, really encouraging students to set goals and achieve them. The teachers really care about the school and the students’ education.”

Tia Saunders


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