Evolving Education with Our Partnership with Big Education
Connect News
Oct 2, 2023

Evolving Education with Our Partnership with Big Education

Connect Trust is elated to announce our partnership with Big Education, rooted in a shared vision for revamping the education paradigm. We believe that with our combined efforts we can enrich the learning experiences for our schools.

Big Education and Connect have a shared belief that a better kind of education is possible through a deep conviction that schools need to focus on head (academic success), heart (character and well-being) and hand (generating ideas, problem solving, making a difference).

At the heart of this partnership is a commitment to empower education leaders in our own schools and the wider sector, providing them with the tools, resources and networks they need to drive positive change in their schools and communities.

Our trusts have robust, shared values emphasizing the imperative of collaboration and connectedness. We aspire to model an alternative approach to the education system, wherein trusts collaboratively work to ensure that this enriched educational experience reaches more young minds.

Through this partnership, the two Trusts will build on the work of each other to develop a network of school leaders in the South West, who are united by a common purpose and a relentless drive to push the boundaries of what is possible. We will provide cutting-edge professional development opportunities, which will include the Big 8, the BLA, the next Big 10 as well as developing mutual mentoring for leaders in specific roles, such as external partnership working, school improvement and Trust growth, for the benefit of young people in the South West.

In short, this is an exciting partnership that has the power to transform the education landscape in ways that were once thought impossible. By bringing together two visionary trusts and unleashing their collective potential, we can create a future where all children have access to a world-class education and the opportunity to thrive.

Find out more about Big Education by visiting their website.